About Play Home Technology

Sometimes we go shopping even though we aren’t looking for a product so much as looking for an experience.  We don’t buy televisions because they have a specific number of pixels or the ability to get 1000 channels—we buy them because we want our friends to come over for Super Bowl parties, because we want to feel the hairs rising on our neck when we watch scary movies, and because we want to be able to come home on a Friday night and escape from the stresses of the world with a single button.  At Play Home Technology, we realize that we can’t sell you an experience per se, but we want our devices to be able to offer you countless amazing experiences in the comfort of your own home.  That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure our products pull their weight in your home.

We specialize in building home environments in the lowcountry that leave nothing behind when it comes to lighting, sound, and video.  Our company has succeeded based on total customer satisfaction, which is why we offer 24/7 support, multiple service memberships, and response times as low as two minutes. 

Get The Best of The Best!

Our company is committed to improvement, to customer service, and to end-to-end solutions that leave you wanting for nothing when you sit down to relax and unwind. Play’s business is focused on your home’s infrastructure.  We don’t sell the technology of yesteryear.  We take the time to evaluate performance, quality, and durability. 

Our sales team knows the products inside and out because we source our televisions and our smart platforms directly from the manufacturer. Integration is the keyword of our brand and we specialize in connected homes: wired for comfort and convenience, and allowing you to control everything from your window blinds to your air conditioning in a single app.  

Play’s business is focused on your home’s infrastructure

Our goal is to give you a streamlined approach to your home’s electronics.  From recommendations and upgrades to installation and servicing, there’s no product we sell that we don’t stand behind.  Forever means forever, which is why we provide a guarantee instead of a warranty.  

Certified For Luxury

We’re proud of our achievements, including certification from the Home Technology Association (HTA) at the luxury level.  Not even 10% of all companies in the nation that do what we do achieve this certification, and the process involves a thorough vetting of partners, vendors, and customers to make sure a business can walk the walk.  This doesn’t mean that all our products are priced according to the luxury market (you don’t have to own a Porsche to be one of our customers) but it means that we hold ourselves to the highest possible level of quality when it comes to the care and support of our customers.  That includes product installation, after-hours support, and upgrades of existing systems.  

A homeowner has the chance to start from scratch with Play and get all of the home technology components they want.  Whether you want a turn-key plan for your living room or whether you have a specific vision of products and platforms, Play Home Technology gives you the experience that you want to make your home ideally suited for your lifestyle.

Company History

Our origins date back to 2000, when we sold televisions on Kittie’s Crossing Street in Bluffton.  Since we were one of the only TV stores in town, we realized the potential for growth. Not only were flat-panel televisions starting to hit the market, but products like speakers and home entertainment systems began to explode in popularity.  We realized it was necessary to grow the business and moved to our current location on Persimmon street in 2005.

A year later, the two Ron Angners – father and son – purchased the company.  We began to further diversify our offerings to customers by selling home appliances, then in 2013 we changed the name to Play and Gourmet. 

Since we were one of the only TV stores in town, we realized the potential for growth

Over the next few years, however, we realized that we wanted to focus specifically on what we did best, home entertainment, and we stopped selling refrigerators and washing machines so we could focus on our roots.  In 2017, we changed the company name again to Play Custom Home Technology to reflect our central philosophy.

About the Owners

Both the Angners, Ron Sr. and Ron Jr., have long enjoyed providing customers with solutions.  

Ron Sr. has a Ph.D in electrical engineering because of his love of electronics.  After school, he used his knowledge to build his own speakers from scratch at a time when there were few such products on the market.  His friends and family realized how impressive these speakers were and suddenly he had quite a few requests to build them one of their own!

During his career with Bell Labs and AT&T, he faced a key challenge: how do you build and maintain systems for clients so that they associate your company with reliability? 

Ron Sr.’s solution has always been trust. Being trustworthy means that clients will be taken care of 24/7 and that their products will be managed well.  Knowing that clients are buying a solution and not just individual products means that they need to trust you from end to end.

And Ron Sr. does not take that reliability and trustworthiness lightly, he makes it an integral part of the business model at Play Home Technology.  

Ron Jr. may be named after his old man, but he brings many different skills to the table.  Like any rebellious son, he chose not to follow the pathway of engineering but instead to go into business.  His skills in marketing, management, and consulting have been the perfect complement to his father’s technical know-how, while his enthusiasm for new products has kept his drive for improvement strong.  

Ron Jr.’s first speakers were six feet tall (towering over his 5’2 wife), and in the process of working as an installer he built relationships with distributors and partners.  As he began installing AV systems, he realized a gap had grown between what manufacturers provided and what customers asked for.  A massive set of speakers looks nice, but if a customer can’t connect them properly, they’re not much more than bookshelves.  Ron Jr.’s approach to service is to speak the language of the customer, getting an understanding of what they want and translating Play’s services into a solution that will work for their needs and lifestyle.

We Are The Premium Audio/Video Company In The Lowcountry

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