Amazon Ring Video Doorbell vs Google Nest Hello

Nest Vs. Ring – Who Is The Better Video Doorbell?

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When looking at today’s wide selection of technology, how do you ever decide which platform to go with? For the most part, market competition has chosen for us. For example, it’s the reason why we have Blu-ray discs over HD DVDs, the “https” standard for internet websites, and so on. But for many other products without a clear front-runner, the consumer is left to research their various options, listen to ‘expert’ opinions, try to see the forest through the trees, and find the best fit for their needs.

For technology enthusiasts in today’s world, it’s widely understood that by choosing one platform over another, you’re making a commitment to that specific platform and all the features that come with it. Typically, you can find the best product that integrates nicely into your home’s ecosystem with some research, but other times your choices don’t ‘play well’ with other devices in your home.

This dilemma brings us to today’s question: what smart doorbell should I install for my home? Should I choose the Google Nest or Amazon Ring? For today’s comparison, we’ll be comparing the best of what both technology behemoths have to offer with the Google Nest Hello and the Amazon Ring Video Doorbell Pro.


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To start, let’s see what it costs to make the switch to a smart doorbell. In terms of pricing, both premium models offer a similar cost. The Nest Hello retails for $229 while the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is only $20 more at $249. Many times, you can find deals on smart doorbells but for standard pricing, the Nest Hello is the less expensive option.

Video Streaming Quality

Perhaps the most important factor for choosing a smart doorbell is the video quality. After all, you’ll want the clearest video available for security purposes.

Both cameras feature a 160 degree view and night vision capabilities. In terms of resolution, The Ring Pro has a higher resolution at 1920 x 1080 while the Nest Hello has a 1600 x 1200 resolution. However, the Nest Hello supports high dynamic range (HDR), which allows you to see visitors clearly when your porch is shaded while the background is brightly illuminated. Although the Ring Pro has a higher resolution, consumer testing has shown the Nest Hello provides sharper, clearer video that’s easier to make out visitors.

Additionally, the Nest Hello streams video with a 4:3 format to help you see your visitors’ entire bodies while the Ring’s 16:9 format tends to cut off parts of your visitors’ feet. This may not seem like a huge deal, but when faced with package theft, having all the details of what the criminal was wearing can be the difference between catching them and letting them go without consequences.


Both smart doorbells offer several strong suits, but some of these features require a monthly subscription.

Most notably, the Nest Hello has facial recognition capabilities that will send you alerts for friends and family. It also offers 24/7 recording, video history, and customizable activity zones, however, these features require a $5 monthly subscription.

Remember, this only equates to the price of a cup of coffee per month, so it’s definitely something to consider for such a small fee. In terms of free features, the Nest offers pre-recorded messages for times when you’re not available and will still alert you to see someone at your door even if they don’t ring the doorbell.

The Amazon Ring’s best features include customizable motion zones and a neighborhood alert system at no additional cost. The customizable motion zones are nice because you can decide when your video starts and stops recording based on your set zone.

However, some users have reported that the camera doesn’t capture the entire visit, which results in videos with missed portions because it couldn’t record in time. There’s also been some privacy concerns with the alert system because local police departments can view your feeds (if allowed) and if you post a video online then other people can potentially determine your location.

Smart Home Compatibility

Each product offers their own strengths when it comes to smart home integration. The Nest combines nicely with smart thermostats, smart locks, smoke alarms and more Google Home products.

The Nest can announce visitors through the Home device and, if you own the Nest Learning Thermostat, it will help you save money on your energy bill because it will learn your habits over time. With these ‘learned habits’ the thermostat will be able to adjust your house temperature based on your comings and goings as seen through the doorbell camera.

On the other hand, the Ring has integration with its line of smart lighting products that can activate when visitors approach. Additionally, the Ring lets you answer your door straight from your smartphone. Both systems allow voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant to ask about your camera’s status.

You may have heard news reports about users’ products being hacked but most of the time, these incidents were due to weak passwords. For this reason, we recommend you store a strong password in a safe location and enable two factor authentication.

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Both companies tout their smart doorbells as DIY security systems. The Nest requires a wired connection whereas the Ring can be wired in or run off or rechargeable batteries. However, each home has their own complexities so we highly recommend that you have a professional install your smart doorbell.

This way, you can be ensured it is properly installed, integrated with the rest of your smart home technology, and so that a professional can help you understand how to use all of its capabilities.

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Final Thoughts: Why We Choose The Google Nest Hello

If you’re looking to make your home’s security safer and easier for you in the most aspects possible, it’s vital that you choose the best performing device that will integrate with your home’s existing ecosystem.

For this reason, the Google Nest Hello is our clear pick because it combines better with more products in Google’s ecosystem than the Amazon Ring and its respective line of smart home solutions.

Furthermore, we believe that Google has led the way in terms of smart home convenience whereas Amazon ultimately wants to track our habits in order to sell us more products.

We hope that this guide was concise and clear. If you’re looking to install the Nest Hello for your home, we highly recommend you have a professional team handle the installation for you. They will handle everything from start to finish, answer any questions you have, show you how to use the app, and ensure that it’s integrated with the rest of your home’s smart solutions. 

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