Best In Wall Smart Light Switch and Dimmer

Smart Light Switches and Dimmers for Lighting Control

Lutron® switches will control your lighting systems, bringing you the convenience of a smart home. Whether you want lights that are bright and cheerful or soft and romantic, you can achieve your preferred lighting effect with a Lutron® smart switch.

When transforming your residential space into a smart home, you might want to begin with the lighting. You could replace all traditional bulbs with smart bulbs, but a smart light switch and dimmer will make controlling your lighting much easier. That’s because smart light switches and dimmers control all connected lights from a single control panel, bringing more convenience.

Even more impressive, a smart light switch allows you to connect it with other smart home devices, such as video doorbells, for added security. And when you fit your home with the best in-wall smart light switch and dimmer, you can control the ambiance of your lighting for a comfortable in-home environment – this works especially great if you’re a movie lover.

But more importantly, a smart light switch and dimmer can reduce electric power consumption since they control your lighting efficiently. If convenience and reduced energy bills are what you’re looking for in your home, then you will want to add a smart light switch and dimmer, especially to the rooms that get the most use.

How Smart Light Switches and Dimmers Control Your Lighting System

Lutron® switches will control your lighting system conveniently and allow you to integrate other smart home devices, such as smart speakers. You will diversify how you can control your lighting if you install Lutron® switches in your home. 

Additionally, smart switches and dimmers work with all homes, both with old and new wiring. That means a smart light switch and dimmer have the potential to transform any home. Here’s how you will conveniently control your lighting system with Lutron® switches.

Lutron Smart Switches Personalize Your Lighting

A smart light switch, such as Lutron® Caséta Wireless, has a mobile app that you will download to your smartphone or tablet. The smartphone (or tablet) becomes your control panel as you will control your lighting system from the device.

You will set up your smart light switch and dimmer using the app and add personalization scenes. Once you add your smart bulbs and window shades to a particular scene, the smart light switch and dimmer will lower the shades and dim all connected smart bulbs at the touch of a button on the control panel.

What’s more, you can name the scenes, such as “movies,” for example, for convenient control of the devices in the named scene. Also, you can add a “goodnight” scene and set it to switch off all connected lights and close the shades when you press an in-app button.

You Can Schedule Your Lights

Lutron® smart switches communicate with window shades and smart bulbs to control them from a single control panel. Also, the smart switch app allows you to schedule the connected smart bulbs and shades to adjust automatically at the set time.

You can set the smart light switch to turn your porch lights on at sunset and switch your lights off at sunrise without your input. Also, the window shade will rise at sunrise with the scheduling. Even more impressive, the scheduling can turn on the lights and adjust the ambiance to soft light.

Voice-Activated Control

Lutron® Caséta wireless smart switch pairs with smart speakers such as Google Nest Audio and Amazon Echo to grant you hands-free control of your lighting system and connected smart home devices. You will use the app for the smart light switch to pair it with your preferred virtual assistant.

Smart light switches and dimmers use virtual assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. After pairing your smart light switch with an Alexa-enabled smart speaker, you may say, ”Alexa, dim the lights,” and your lights will dim. Voice controls come in handy when you’ve filled your hands with groceries or are busy doing a hands-on task.

You Can Control Your Lighting System Based on Your Geolocation

Besides controlling the connected lighting system via voice commands, Lutron® switches, such as Caséta smart dimmers, use your smartphone’s GPS to control your lighting system. 

The Lutron® app, for example, will detect when you’re approaching home and switch on all lights; this ensures you come to a well-lit home. And when you leave for work, the app instructs your smart light switch to turn the lights off when you’re out of the geofencing zone.

Usually, you will use the smart light switch app, such as the Lutron® app, to set geofencing around your home. When you’re within the geofence, your lighting system stays on. Geofencing adds convenience to your lighting control. At the same time, it ensures your lights are on when it’s necessary and off when they aren’t, thus saving energy consumption.

A Smart Light Switch and Dimmer Control Lighting Remotely

A smart light switch can also control your lighting from anywhere. It communicates with smart bulbs (and other smart home devices) via two wireless protocols: Wi-Fi and Clear Connect RF. The smart light switch connects to your router via Wi-Fi, granting you remote control of your lighting system via an app.

But when the Wi-Fi network is down, you can still control your lights and connected devices as the Clear Connect RF wireless protocol takes over. Therefore, a smart light switch and dimmer allow you to control your lighting system, shades, and temperature from the airport, beach, and office (or anywhere).

You Can Also Bolster Your Home Security

Smart light switches also boast a feature called the Smart Away; it turns on your lights randomly and turns them off to make it look like you’re at home. Since this feature mimics movement from room to room, it fools potential burglars that your home isn’t empty, thus bolstering security.

When looking to control your window shades, you want to connect your shades with a Lutron® switch for convenience. This usually requires a Lutron® bridge that allows you to control other smart home devices, such as smart thermostats. Also, you could connect your electronics, such as TVs, to smart switches. Therefore, these smart home devices have wide applications to make your lighting system and your entire home smarter together.


In-wall smart light switches and dimmers will help you control your lighting system conveniently from anywhere. That’s because this smart home device connects your lighting system to the internet, allowing you to control all connected lights remotely via an app. 

Also, you could control your lighting through voice commands for hands-free control. The geofencing technology also ensures that your lights turn on/off within the geofence or outside its perimeter. 

The result is convenience and energy-saving lighting. Consult Play Home Technology to install Lutron® smart switches in your home.

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