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You may have acquired dozens—if not hundreds—of smart things in your home, many of them just accessories, managed by different apps. The problem is, while these devices are cool, you’re left with disparate experiences and very few (if any) of the devices capable of working together. And ironically, although you’ve invested in home technology to enhance your life, you’ve introduced more complexity by installing, updating, and managing all this “smart” stuff.

The Control4 Smart Home Operating System is the platform that simplifies the technology you’ve accumulated in your home—it’s robust, always on, and intelligent enough to integrate thousands of smart devices, connecting and orchestrating virtually everything in your house. Just as a building requires plumbing, electricity, and network connectivity, a smart home requires an operating system to manage and automate all of its connected devices.

The Control4 Smart Home is the platform that simplifies

Imagine waking up to your favorite playlist, the shades gently rising to let the sun in, temperature adjusting to the perfect level. At work, receive a notification when the kids get home from school. With a simple voice command, dim the lights, queue a movie, and relax with the family after dinner. Tuck the kids in and tap a button to lock the doors, turn off the lights, and set the alarm before you turn in for the evening. When everything in your smart home works together, life’s better—plain and simple.

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Receive a notification if the water heater is leaking or the garage door was left open. Forgot to lock the door? Rest assured that your house handled it for you, automatically. From the office, see who’s at your home’s front door, let the delivery person leave a package in the entryway, and lock the door as they depart—all from your phone. Turn lights off in any room, with just one tap or voice command.

Control4 empowers you with full control and management of everything happening in and around your home—whether you’re in the kitchen or on vacation across the world. There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing everything and everyone at home is safe and secure.

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We have the products that enable control of virtually anything in your home, tied to the Control4 Smart Home OS that makes living and interacting with them easy for the whole family. Control4 also puts you in control of your experience with unmatched personalization capabilities that help you make your smart home uniquely your own. Control4 homeowners love how easy it is to change how they interact with their system after they’ve lived with it for a while.


• Choose what’s most important to view and control in
every room throughout the house.
• Edit or create your own smart home scenes.
• Customize your navigation.
• Choose just the right backdrop for your personalized UI,
including a photo you take yourself.

  • Quick Response
  • Emergency & Weekend Service
  • Factory Trained & Authorized
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A Control4 Smart Home coordinates the devices in your home to create a personalized experience with solutions that maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment and peace of mind. With one touch, dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the door and arm the security system. Or, have your house respond to your schedule without touching anything at all. Take control with Control4.

Imagine if your home managed itself. Your lights know when to turn on and off. Your doors lock as you leave. Your heater warms the house as you head home from work. From the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, you’re taken care of at every turn. And from your smartphone or tablet, you can command virtually any system and device, from anywhere, at any time. You’ve imagined life in a Control4 Smart Home.

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As the leader in home automation, Control4 is dedicated to creating personalized experiences that fit your lifestyle and are easy for the whole family to enjoy. We work with over 8,000 products from hundreds of trusted manufacturers and connect them under one, easy-to-use platform. In turn, your entertainment systems are easier to use, your home is more comfortable and energy efficient, and your families feel safer and more secure. Work with your Hilton Head Island Control4 Authorized Dealer to design and personalize the smart home of your dreams. Whether you choose smart lighting, cameras and smart door locks, streaming multi-room music, climate control, a decked-out home theater, or a simple one-room universal remote entertainment system—Control4 has you covered.

For many homeowners, installing and managing everything in the smart home is time consuming and complicated. We eliminate this complexity by partnering with independent authorized Smart Home Professionals who deliver stronger, safer, and easier-to-use smart home experiences that are custom designed to meet your family’s needs. Our authorized technicians have gone through extensive training to master automation programming, advanced lighting system design, and networking setup. Work with them in confidence to design the smart home of your dreams.

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