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Streaming Packages To Help You Cut The Cord

Finally, A Simple Solution To Help You Save Money On Your Television Bill

Everyone wants to save on their monthly expenses, but how to do it can be a bit confusing or difficult if you aren’t an advanced “do-it-your-selfer”! Our turn-key cord cutting packages will help you easily make the switch to watching TV via streaming services… and the best part is, you probably already subscribe to some streaming services!

The Guide To Cord Cutting

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A Complete Package

 For years, cutting the cord has been a mystery to many and solid information on exactly how to do it was hard to come by. We’ve made it simple with our “all-in-one” cord cutting packages. They include all the basic equipment to get you up and running…..and cutting your cable or satellite bill in no time!

Cut Your Cable Bill Bluffton SC

A New Way To Experience Watching Television

Do You Want To Cut The Cord

It's Not Just About Saving Money!

To be fair, “cord cutting” is somewhat misleading because we still need the internet to access your favorite shows. However, some folks really want to “cut the cord,” meaning getting rid of their cable or satellite TV bill. Yet, there are many other benefits to going “all-in” on streaming. Some other ways streaming will make TV watching better are:

  • No haggling over contracts or pricing
  • Far fewer commercials
  • DVR capabilities
  • Eliminate rented set top boxes and receivers
  • Stream lots of live sports
  • Many local channels
  • Content access from anywhere
  • AND…there’s so much to stream!

How It Works

Streaming Devices

First, we install a wireless streaming device on your existing television with an HDMI port that will enable your TV to access the full range of streaming services and channels.

Better Wifi

Half the battle of cord cutting is getting a strong internet signal to all the appropriate locations. Despite what some may say, nothing you get from your internet provider can reliably stream content, especially 4K HD shows and sports. Our package includes a robust mesh wifi system to blanket your televisions.

Professional Setup

Once your wifi is improved and your streaming devices are connected, our professional technician will personally walk you thorough setting up your streaming services and show you how to easily access them all.

Complete Streaming Packages With WIFI

Custom Audio Video Bluffton Streaming Services


Streaming Package $1,200


  • 3 Roku Streaming Sticks
  • Mesh WIFI Network
  • 3 Mounting brackets
  • Complete Installation
  • On site training
  • Setup of up to 3 streaming services
  • 90 days of 24/7 tech support
Wireless Streaming packages

4K Optimized

Streaming Package $1,600


  • 3 Roku Streaming Sticks
  • Advanced Mesh WIFI Network
  • 3 Mounting brackets
  • Complete Installation
  • On site training
  • Setup of up to 3 streaming services
  • 90 days of 24/7 tech support

*homes over 3,500 sq ft may require additional equipment

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