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How To Fix Wifi
Residential Wifi Has Evolved

It’s a simple fact, nothing you can buy from a giant office supply retailer or big box store is designed to handle multiple devices or stream music and movies simultaneously over wifi.

Fix My Hargray Wifi
The Cable Company Is Not Your Friend

The cable company doesn’t care about what happens to their signal once it enters your home. The wireless router in your modem is built only to cover one or two rooms of your home.

Eliminate Dead Spots In Your Home

There are several factors to consider when setting up your home network. Router placement, number of devices, and the size of you home all impact your wifi coverage.

Experience Wifi Like Never Before!

Your wifi should always work

Wifi has changed how we do things. From work, play, and even our safety, reliable wifi is now a necessity. It has become an integral part of our day to day life and we may not even realize it……until it doesn’t work!

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If you are plagued by poor wifi signals, spotty coverage, or slow devices, we can help.  A strong system is only half of the equation, our services also include troubleshooting and finding wifi interference problems in and around your home.

Fix Your Wifi Frustrations Once And For All!

We offer turn key wifi solutions that will provide strong and secure coverage throughout your home and even your garage, patio, and deck. Eliminate dead spots, network traffic, and slow loading video and music.

How To Fix Hargray Wifi
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