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Entertainment Everywhere

Make everyday moments unforgettable. ELAN delivers the smart home control that we have all been waiting for. A intuitive and personalized platform built for the way you live that is always ready and simple to use. One-touch convenience that lets you control everything from entertainment and media,  to climate, lighting, and security.

ELAN ensures that all of your entertainment systems will work together in flawless simplicity, from your favorite music, televisions, streaming services, and much more. ELAN offers home entertainment with complete control and absolute convenience.


Use your Elan system to control every aspect of your home, from the thermostat, lighting, and shades to the irrigation system and music. All of this can be done while you are in the house, down the street, or around the world.


Elan has completely re-imagined how to control and command your home entertainment. From Elan’s simple interface you can enjoy all of your media. Music, Movies, Streaming, and more are now all at the touch of a button and available across multiple devices.


ELAN makes home security smarter by integrating all your systems into a single interface. With the convenience of remote access, you can receive alerts, arm, or disarm the system from your mobile device where ever you are.


Easily answer the door, let the house cleaners in, or accept a delivery even if you are not home. Allow friends and family instant access to the property without being there. All of these options weather your home, at work, or on vacation.

Hilton Head Elan

Multi-Room Audio And Video

ELAN offers almost limitless options to deliver your media content while remaining refined and simple to use. Whether you’re selecting different content for each space or playing your favorite song throughout your home, ELAN will makes it easy. You can immerse yourself in a home theater experience, fill your home with music, or watch the evening news in the bedroom…..all at the same time.

Lighting Control


ELAN turns on smart lighting to greet you when you wake up or return home. Expecting company? A single touch sets the perfect party mood. Once you’re ready for bed, double check that all lights are off and security is “on” using your ELAN remote, ELAN touch panel, personal tablet or phone.


With ELAN’s built-in technology, keeping your home energy efficient and perfectly controlled is second nature.  Intelligent features automatically anticipate your needs for indoor temperatures, managing shades,  and running your heating or cooling systems. Remote access also helps you heat and cool more efficiently, allowing you to turn off systems from your smartphone or tablet if you’ll be away for longer than expected.

Elan On Hilton Head Island

Home Theater

Sit back and enjoy the show….ELAN makes it easy. With one touch, you can adjust the atmosphere in your theater to create the ideal setting. Dimmed lights, lowered shades, perfectly balanced sound, and all controlled with a simple interface. Create the ultimate cinematic experience.

Hilton Head Custom Theater

Outdoor Entertainment

Utilizing your ELAN system, you can bring the fun and entertainment outside. ELAN will allow you to seamlessly bring sound and video to all of your outdoor spaces, it also easily pairs with solutions from Niles, SpeakerCraft, and many others. Treat yourself to full sound and fresh air!

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Connect & Communicate

ELAN easily integrates with security cameras and can deliver a full view of your surroundings as well as two-way conversations, helping you monitor a sleeping child in the next room or a triggered motion light outside, and all without moving more than a finger. You can also use ELAN as an in-home intercom, and communicate between rooms, or from across the world.

Security Cameras

Security & Safety

ELAN makes home security smarter by integrating all your systems into a single interface. With the convenience of remote access, you can receive alerts, arm, or disarm the system from your mobile device—whether you’re at home or a thousand miles away.

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