80 Years Of Innovation

The story of Fisher & Paykel is rooted in the philosophy of changing the everyday into something extraordinary.  Founded in 1934 in New Zealand they have since grown into a renowned global innovator of appliances.


Fisher & Paykel revolutionized the industry from the very beginning and were the first manufacture to commercialize the use of polymers in their products and use brush-less direct drive motors in home appliances.


One visit to our showroom and you will see we are dedicated to the Fisher & Paykel brand. It is easy to stand behind a manufacturer that stands behind its products. With class leading warranties, constant refinements, and outstanding customer service, Fisher & Paykal shares many common vales Play and Gourmet.

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Fisher & Paykel has a full range of cooking options, from heat and eat to full blown home commercial options. Bring out your hidden culinary skills with these elegantly coordinated cooking pieces.

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The most intelligent refrigerator you will ever own. Built from the ground up with the purpose of preserving your food and keeping it delicious. At the core, Fisher & Paykel has created a refrigerator that can sense how you use it and what is stored inside.

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Experience the brilliance of the Dish Draw System developed by Fisher & Paykel. Washing dishes has never been easier. Built with smart technology and modern brush-less motors, you will wonder why you waited so long to upgrade.


Every Fisher & Paykel is built to deliver exceptional cooking and unmatched performance.  Precise control, perfect results, and always sized to fit, you will have a whole new appreciation for your appliances. Ask any one of our staff and we all have our favorites, however this is one area where we all agree, we all love Fishe & Paykel.

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The heart of a Fisher & Paykel refrigerator lays in its ability to sense and respond to daily use and self adjust to be efficient, control temperature and humidity, and deliver better food care. In essence, they have figured out how to control the weather! Their new built-in refrigerators offer an entirely new level of fit and finish and the entire line offers smart options and standard features.

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Fisher & Paykel has always had one goal; build the most intelligent appliances possible. Their line of DishDraws and Laundry is no exception. Some of the most thoughtful design elements have been Incorporated into their products. The Laundry machines are better than the competition by being better, faster, and more efficient. Just ask anyone of us why we are in love with their DishDraws…..one of the most sensible ideas around.

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