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Integrated Systems

The Control You Want, Without The Hassle

Let us make your life simpler and help you enjoy your home even more by ensuring all of your smart devices work seamlessly. We can combine all aspects of your home management into one convenient, easy to use system. Our integration controls can streamline your entire home, reduce frustration, and make everything user friendly in an easy to use interface that is accessible from any device you choose. With easy controls, you can adjust the temperature, play your favorite music, turn on the lights, and even raise or lower your shades.

Lighting Control

Custom designed lighting controls will allow you to manage and change the mood of any area of your home or business. From watching TV, entertaining, dining, or just enjoying your space, with a simple swipe you can create the ideal atmosphere you desire. Smart lighting control can also be integrated into your security system to add an additional level of protection. Additional benefits of lighting control include efficient energy management, creating safe environments in an emergency, and the convenience of total control of your home from anywhere.


ELAN turns on smart lighting to greet you when you wake up or return home. Expecting company? A single touch sets the perfect party mood. Once you’re ready for bed, double check that all lights are off and security is “on” using your ELAN remote, ELAN touch panel, personal tablet or phone.

Climate Control

By integrating your thermostats into your management systems you can set the perfect temperature of your home regardless of season or other conditions. Our climate control systems will allow you to keep your home comfortable from the touch or swipe on your personal device. You can make infinite adjustments, monitor your house, and conserve energy all from the same device you use to control the rest of your home. Access your thermostats remotely to adjust the temperature while you are away, it’s all in your simple control now. Cool down your home before you arrive, make sure your did not leave the AC blasting after you left, manage how visitors and guests use your home.

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments allow you to easily adjust the amount of sunlight entering your home to increase comfort, save energy, and protect your furniture and interiors from harsh UV rays. Motorized shades can enhance privacy, reduce heat build up, shade away bright lights, and aid in security of you home by giving a “lived in” appearance. All of our motorized window treatments can be integrated into your home controls, so you can make adjustments from anywhere. Do you have a large set of windows each with its own cord or chain? Automating your shades can save your time and make your life more convenient.

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