Sonos Integration With Savant

How To Use A Savant Remote To Control Sonos

Use Savant And Sonos Together

Use a Savant Remote for your Sonos

A quick look at our Blog will let you know we love Sonos and we love the new Savant Remote Control. Now you can control your Sonos Speakers with a Savant Remote. What more could we ask for!

The interface of the Savant Remote Control is beautiful and extremely easy to use. Gone are the jumble of buttons that are traditionally found on universal remotes and the difficult programming to get your devices to work.

One of the key benefits of the Savant Remote is just how easy it is to set up. Since the remote is built on a Linux platform or Apple Software in layman terms, the device is easy to use, intuitive to learn, and quick to set up. You can see more on that here: The New Savant Remote.

Savant And Sonos Integration

Set Up For Savant And Sonos Is Easy

Control Sonos Play5 With A Savant Remote Control

Everything with Savant is seamless and this goes for controlling your Sonos System with the Savant Remote. To start, make sure your Sonos system is on and both your Sonos and Savant are on the same WiFi network.

Next, using the Savant App, scan for devices and it will automatically detect your Sonos System. The App will prompt you to add Sonos to your system. You can even control multiple Sonos speakers depending on how they are paired.

Now, you can access all of the music you have on a play list or set to your favorites inside the Sonos app!

How To Pair Sonos And Savant

Can Savant Control Sonos?

This is one of the most often asked question as of late and we hope to make the answer simple. Using the Savant Instant App, the integration of a Savant Remote into your home becomes very easy. In the past, many DIY or mid-level automation control systems had a very steep learning curve or ultimately needed a professional installer to add simple accessories to the network. The Instant App takes the hassle out of this. Now, the end consumer has the ability to add other wireless devices to their system such as a game console, additional lighting, or other TV’s.

The Savant Remote comes with a high-def touch screen and is similar in layout and use to an Iphone or Ipad, you will feel right at home when using it. In addition to integrating your Sonos PlayBar, Play5’s or sub, you can take it a step further and control your thermostat or blinds. We talk a lot about this on our Savant Remote info page here.

This video shows just how easy it is to get the music going with Sonos and Savant!

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