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You have a beautiful outdoor living area, now you can enjoy it even further and protect it in the event of harsh weather. Our selection of outdoor shades and hurricane screens will enhance you porch, patio, or deck, and have the option of offering protection from fierce weather such as a hurricane and gale force winds.

Does you patio have an afternoon hot-spot from the sun? Now you don’t have to constantly move your seat or run inside, our shades can curb the sunlight and deflect the excess heat allowing you to enjoy the weather.  Don’t let mother nature ruin a perfect day, now you can continue to entertain and grill even in inclement weather. See all the options below.

Motorized Outdoor Shades And Screens

Turn your outdoor living area into the best room in the house! Our wide selection of outdoor screens will enhance your property and make your porch, deck, or patio a more enjoyable spot. From simple roll down insect screens to fully motorized solar shades that open at a touch of a button, we can find a solution for you.

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Retractable Insect Screens

Retractable insect screens will breath new life into your patio or porch! Have them down when bugs are out, or up when the bugs are gone, or anywhere in between. The high density mesh is see through but still keeps out the pesky bugs like no-seeums.  Don’t let your outdoor living experience be ruined by the mosquitoes and bugs that thrive here in the Lowcountry.

The insect screens can also be powered by Lutron motors and Incorporated into a home automation package or operated with a dedicated remote. Raise and lower the screens from the convenience of your phone or a small hand help remote.  In addition to ease of use, the screens have been built with multiple adjustment points so you don’t have to deal with wrinkles, kinks, or a sticking screen.

Hilton Head Shades

Outdoor Sun Shades

Enhance your outdoor living area with solar shades. Our shades will block harmful UV rays, reduce glare and temperatures, and offer daytime privacy. The technologically advanced shade fabric will still allow fresh air and breezes to circulate through creating a cooling effect. By blocking up to 90% of the sun, they will also help keep the inside of your home cooler too.

Our outdoor shading solutions are built to exacting standards with impeccable craftsmanship. Many manufactures use zipper retention systems, ours have welded tracks that can handle up to 75 MPH winds and lots of wear and tear. The PVC coated fabric will resist the harshest sunlight.

Hurricane Screens

We offer several options in hurricane protection that will add convenience, value, and safety to your home. After this last hurricane , we have all learned a valuable lesson about protecting our homes from the wrath of the wind and dangerous flying debris. With motorized options, deploying your hurricane protection can be as easy as a push of a button.

Hurricane screens offer protection from storms with out the hassle and stress of using plywood. With precious time before a hurricane comes, racing to the home improvement store to get plywood, then cutting and fitting it can be a challenge.  The added benefit of easy storage just makes them ideal. You can choose from roll up versions or fitted screens that are removable and folded up to be easily packed away.

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Only The Best In Motorized Screens and Hurricane Protection

We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate experience for our clients in all we do. This also carries over to the products that we sell, service, and install. Nothing goes into a client’s house that we wouldn’t put in our own home. Often, we have personally tested and used many of the amazing things we sell. Two screen and hurricane protection companies that we are proud to work with are below.

Fenetex Screens

Fenetex exclusively manufactures retractable screens. They have laser focused there expertise on producing the very best in retractable screens. With a great understanding of the requirements and rigors retractable screens go through, they build a product that is dependable in every aspect. Each component is meticulously studied and designed to meet and exceed their high standards. The end result is a line of the highest quality and reasonably priced hurricane screens, insect screens, and solar screens on the market.

Motorized Outdoor Shades

Insolroll Screens & Shades

Insolroll manufactures exterior roller shade systems for covering windows and outdoor patio areas under the Oasis® brand name. All our exterior shade systems are designed to control heat and glare while maintaining the view of the outdoors, and are the most effective shading solution for outdoor living spaces and the outsides of windows. The benefits of solar screen shades make them a clear choice for this extension of residential and commercial window treatments.

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