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Is your home network ready for multiple devices?

It wasn’t too long ago that your home network consisted of a land line phone, home computer, and maybe a fax machine. Today, even basic home networks include multiple computers, smart phones, mobile devices, music streaming, cameras, and much more. We know it’s a connected era for our homes, making a robust network a necessity rather than a luxury. Is your current home network up to the challenge? Play Home Technologies can get you set up for quick, reliable service for all your devices.

Maximize Your Smartphone and Tablet

What is the most used connected device in your home? I bet you are using it right now to read this. We use our smartphones and tablets for everything and we all know the absolute pain of a slow network connection. With today’s technology, there is no reason to suffer interrupted service in our own homes. Play Home Technology offers several options for directed cell phone boosters and antennas. These are head and shoulders above what is available at home centers or even your cell providers. We use directed antennas that align with the cell towers to enhance and capture the signal and expand coverage in your home.
When you need to rely on your home’s Wifi network, we have another robust solution to ensure you have blanket coverage throughout your entire space. Play Home Technology proudly installs wireless networks from Pakedge. Combining both wired and wireless access points with enterprise quality routers and modems, we can grantee an unbelievably consistent and broad wifi solution. You will be able to stream music, download files, watch digital movies, surf the internet……. all at once with multiple devices!
Upgrade Your Bandwidth to Maximize Your Entertainment
The reason some digital media faces quality constraints is because it is compressed to make transmission easier. Companies like Kaleidscape, Netflix, and others now offer streaming content in uncompressed high-fidelity and Ultra 4K High Definition. The majority of “off the shelf” routers are not equipped to carry that much bandwidth. To truly have uninterrupted digital entertainment and internet access, you need to upgrade to a router that has the capabilities to handle today’s demands.
This is where a high bandwidth media router comes into play. These routers from Pakedg are designed for media streaming and have 4K capabilities. Think of the router as a traffic conductor, managing the devices that need high bandwidth from those the can use lower signals. The router knows the difference in signals from a 4K movie and the data packets from Recipies.com going to a tablet in the kitchen. All of this works together so the end user never sees any buffering or latency in the picture or internet browsing.
Manage Your Network With Traffic Control
Let’s explain how the bandwidth usage is managed further. Your group of connected devices create traffic all vying for space on your network. It’s important to create a system in which you can prioritize each traffic type according to your needs. With Pakedge Zones, all your network traffic is segmented into six color coded zones: management, voice, audio/video, automation, data and guest.
Pakedge easily allows you to set your own network priorities with a simple user interface. It doesn’t matter how many connected devices are on the network, traffic is coded for optimal results. In addition to the coding, we are able to bundle all the separate zones and have seamless communication so there is no segmented coverage. Think of a cell phone signal as you travel between towers. As you move from tower to tower, the signal strength drops based on the distance and the tower to use. With Pakedge, there is one constant signal with complete coverage of your home. No roaming for wifi!
Are you ready to get the most out of your wireless devices? Call Play and Gourmet today for a consultation or to find out more information about home networking with Pakedge.
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