Best WIFI In Bluffton


Chances are that in the last 3 years you probably have upgraded your cellphone, bought a new computer or tablet, possibly added a streaming player such as Apple TV or Roku, and maybe even bought a new car. So, why haven’t you upgraded your home WIFI network?

The technology that drives our connected devices, the internet, and our home WIFI networks has evolved leaps and bounds over the last 2 years. If you are using an old router, there is no way your home network can handle the current demands of today.

Does any of this apply to you?
1. You have rebooted your modem more than once in the last 6 months.
2. You have poor WIFI signals in parts of your home.
3. You work from home or have a job that requires good internet service.
4. Netflix takes forever to load or only one person can stream at a time.
5. You have more than 3 devices that are using WIFI at one time.
6. You use a streaming media device such as Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, or Fire TV.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, it’s time to make some changes!

Routers that are 3+ years or older were never designed to handle the modern demands from streaming video such as Netflix or Amazon, able to cope with more than 3 devices at once such as tablets and smartphones, or have the ability to distribute music such as itunes or Rhapsody without buffering and jitters. Does anyone in your home play games online?

The networking technology has changed over the last several years and there are new standards in the frequencies used for WIFI. Newer laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and phones are now using the 802.11ac protocol. If you have newer devices on an old router, you may be losing over 50% of your wireless capabilities.

Reliable and secure networking is beyond a luxury today, it’s a necessity. From online shopping, gaming, watching TV and movies, to working from home and school activities, your network needs to work. Play and Gourmet is proud to install and service network products by Pakedge.

By using a Pakedge system, we can offer an ultra-reliable whole home network alternative to the basic routers you will find at the office supply store. Pakedge was designed from the ground up to handle the audio and video needs of today’s homes. Built for reliability and usability, we can make your home network future-proof. Pakedge uses both wired and wireless access points and can be installed in existing homes, offices, and of course new construction.

Using Pakedge eliminates the traditional piecemeal home network system that is common today. We will unify your networking equipment making a streamlined and simple to use system. Pakedge will allow you to monitor all the devices on your network, control network access, automatically optimize you connected devices based on band usage, and increase the coverage of you WIFI network, as well as other options. An added benefit of Pakedge is network monitoring; the ability to validate the actual speed of the internet you are paying your cable provider for!

If you rely on strong WIFI and consistent internet speed in your daily life, it’s time to take a serious look at the network you are currently using. When you are ready to have ultra-reliable WIFI coverage and secure internet access, contact Play and Gourmet. We can show you how to enjoy surfing the internet again.

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