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Play and Gourmet was happy to host the Almo #Kitchen Expedition this past Tuesday. It was an event we have been looking forward to for several weeks and we had a full house on hand to entertain. On top of the great food, the weather was a perfect day and something we have come to expect for December in Bluffton.

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On display was the full line of Alfresco Open Air Culinary Systems – in plain speak; Outdoor Grills. It was an amazing display and an absolute sight to see! Almo sent us a fully enclosed trailer that housed their line of amazing stainless steel grills, Versa Power cooking systems, outdoor refrigeration, their Pizza Plus, and all the accessories.



The trailer was a behemoth and once set up filled half our parking lot. Of course, a display of grills isn’t complete without testing them. Our Almo team started cooking early and treated our staff and guests to flank steak, grilled chicken, and even pizza.


We were able to see first hand Alfresco’s unique Hood Assist System. Alfresco uses alternating sealed coil springs to help in the lifting and lowering of the grill hood. This feature, along with a rotating handle, makes the hood feel feather light and easy to open and close. You do not realize how great this feature is until you try to open a giant 42” grill with a plate full of marinated chicken in one hand!


As an avid grilling enthusiast, I was really impressed with how Alfresco integrated their smoker box. Rather than having a small box to hold your smoking chips that you manually put into the grill buy hand, Alfresco built the smoker  into the body of the grill with it’s very own dedicated burner. Anyone who has had to refill their smoker with wood chips half way thru the cooking process will appreciate this feature.

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If you have been thinking about expanding or replacing your outdoor cooking area, Alfresco offers a wide array of accessories. It was nice to be able to view the whole Alfresco line at one time and see first hand all their beverage centers, sinks, and food warmers. They really have thought of everything!


Enjoying life in South Carolina  isn’t complete without a Lowcountry Boil, and there is not a better way to do that than the Versa Power cooktop. With a BTU range from 400 to 65,000, you have total control for cooking. This is accomplished by a special double burner with a brass center. Another added design feature here, the burner is inset to help prevent the burner being blown out on a gusty day.


In all, there were six Alfresco Grills on display, two Versa Power burners, the Pizza Plus, and a whole assortment of storage cabinets. This is where Alfresco was is head and shoulders above the pack. Their outdoor storage cabinets have a unique design feature that channels away rain water to keep your items dry and also safe from rodents and pests.


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A special thank you to our Almo team for treating us to a great event and showing off the entire Alfresco line.If you missed the live display, do not worry. You can stop by our showroom or visit us online to learn more about Alfresco.