Liebherr Appliances

Liebherr is the worldwide leader in premium refrigeration.

With over 50 years of experience in cooling, the German manufacturer sets the pace with continuous product innovation and a proactive approach to responsible manufacturing.


Liebherr brings fresh, European design to the North American marketplace, providing outstanding built-in, freestanding, and fully integrated refrigeration and an extensive selection of wine storage units.


Liebherr Refrigerators & Wine Storage Unit Appliances


Freshness, vitamin richness and variety are the best recipes for the modern healthy cuisine.


The fresher the food, the more valuable they are for a healthy diet. Liebherr’s patented BioFresh system provides the perfect climate for keeping your foods fresh longer and makes a substantial contribution to a healthy diet.


With the temperature maintained at just above freezing and at an ideal humidity level, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish retain their vitamins and minerals, delicate flavor and attractive appearance for up to three times longer than in a normal refrigerator.


The refrigerator is the only appliance in the home that runs 24/7. For this reason, high efficiency is essential for energy savings and the environment.


Liebherr is the only manufacturer in North America to have 100% of its refrigeration ENERGY STAR® rated.


Liebherr’s variable temperature compressors are always on at the perfect speed – there are no “on” and “off” surges that eat up power.


Competitive products place their compressors on top at the front of the unit and essentially, act like a speaker to the kitchen.


Liebherr compressor systems are at the bottom and the back, and are therefore SuperQuiet – virtually silent to the human ear.


Liebherr Appliance Initiatives


Liebherr’s list of responsible production initiatives is longstanding.


For example:

  • Liebherr was the first appliance manufacturer worldwide to remove CFC’s completely from the production process in 1993
  • Since 2000, Liebherr’s considerable investment to ensure environmental compatibility has resulted in the reduced use of chemicals, solvents and energy consumption
  • Liebherr has established central waste and resource collection stations at their manufacturing facilities
  • The packaging materials on all products are 100% recyclable
  • The water used in the production process is purified and pollution-free
  • The energy released during production is recovered and utilized again in heating the manufacturing environments.


Liebherr is an industry leader in green manufacturing and we use ActiveGreen as a symbol for our responsible practices.


We’ve invested in the research and development necessary to proactive and to make a difference. And our products, as a result, embody green design.