Low Voltage Wiring

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Even in today’s wireless environment, having a hard line connection in your home or business is still the most reliable and secure option available to have a strong internet connection, stream music and videos with ease, and distribute TV signals. For over a decade Play Custom Home Technology has been running network connections, coax cable, speaker wiring, and more through out the Lowcountry.

Structured Wiring

The most important part of integrating an audio, video, or lighting system is the wiring. Structured wiring refers to the telephone, cable, and network wiring that runs through out the home. A properly wired house gives you the maximum number of options for your home’s electronics systems as technology advances.

Wiring Panels

Similar to your “breaker box”, a structured wiring panel makes managing all of your low voltage lines a breeze. All lines are run to a single location that acts as the hub for your home or business. Routers, modems, network switches, video sources, and other equipment is placed securely in a dedicated area.

Audio Lines

The foundation for any complete whole house audio experience; speaker wiring that is hidden behind walls, under the house, or in the attic will offer amazing sound, even coverage, and expanded listening options. Speaker lines can even be run outside in the landscape, around pools, and more.