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Whether you’re looking for solutions to control lighting for a single room, multiple rooms or interested in controlling the light throughout your home of office space, Lutron gives you the freedom to personalize your light in any space. Play and Gourmet has the experience to design, install, and guide your though the largest Lutron System you could imagine.

Lutron Lighting Design


Having the proper lighting design is just as important as choosing your furniture, decorations, and accessories. A well thought out lighting design can make any living space more enjoyable, efficient, and save energy. Look around your home, do you have four, five, or more switches on one wall plate?  That may have been acceptable a few years ago, but today that is unsightly, cumbersome, and worst of all, poor energy management.



Lighting design has moved beyond just controlling a few switches with a dimmer or from a remote, modern lighting design looks at the whole picture, the entire layout of your home and digs deep into your lifestyle and how your use your space. Many times it is after you move in or have lived in a home for a while and you realize, “why is that switch all the way over there?”. These are the situatios we will navigate you away from. Weather new construction, a full scale renovation, or just a simple room makeover, we have a solution to meet your needs.

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Home Lighting Control


From simple additions to full scale home integration, we use Lutron for lighting control. Over the years, our level of expertise has risen to the absolute best in the area and many interior designers, architects, and prestigious home builders now look to Play and Gourmet as the leader in implementing their lighting plans. When clients need a reliable and proven Lutron Installer, we are at the top of the list. Our team can walk your through the entire design process from the layout of switches, location of important elements, to the ways which you plan to use your space.



Our deep knowledge of lighting design enables us to work very closely with your designer, architect, or builder and develop a lasting partnership on your project. We work hand and hand with electricians to ensure an interference free installation and that the end result is lighting and home integration that works seamlessly together.


A custom designed lighting plan can enhance the beauty and security of your home. Weather you upgrade just one room, or start from the ground up, a dedicated Lutron Lighting System can add value and safety to any building.

Is Lighting Control Right For Me?


This is a common question that comes up often. The simple answers is, yes! Today a well designed lighting plan is not just a frivilous expensive, but a necessary convenience. If you are interest in saving money, conserving natural resources, and lowering energy use, then adding lighting control options to your home or business is right for you. A Lutron system has the ability to immediately make an impact in your energy consumption by reducing the use of electricity.



We can automate your lights to switch off when you leave a room and once and for all stop the little ones from forgetting to turn the lights off. You have the ability to adjust your lighting based on the season, during spring and summer less artificial lighting is needed and we can change the output to match the time of day, time of year, or activity.



Create instant environments in your home with easy to use lighting control. When you settle down to watch a movie, your lights can automatically go to a preferred setting that creates just the right atmosphere. Dim some light, turn off others, and set the mood all at the touch of a button or even voice command.



Never stumble through a dark home again. With a simple program you can automatically light a pathway in your home as you move through one room into the next or have programmed settings based on the time of day or tied to your alarm and gradually light your home as you gently wake up.

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Lutron Palladiom Keypad


A interior home design moves forward, the focus is ever more on the details, materials, and surfaces of the building materials used to construct our environments. A more minimalist approach is gaining popularity and multi use pieces are on the rise. Lutron is at the forefront of this design trend with there screwless wall plates, stylish key pads, and integrated switches. You can now reduce a traditional six switch location down to just a few multi-use buttons. You can also get more accurate fan control and add in motorized shades and blinds.


The convergence of energy management and style has met right at the intersection of the Lutron light switch. Lutron offers aesthetic options for every project and multiple price points. Elevate the look of even simple switches to a sleek and intuitive design. Lutron literally evaluated over a thousand design prototypes before releasing the Palladiom Keypad. With a back-light, these keypads are easy to find in a dark room, offer several button layout, and even have commercial applications.


Lutron Homeworks


Adding a Lutron Homeworks system to your home is a convenient, intelligent, and sophisticated way of taking control of the lighting needs in your home. Homeworks is able to be integrated into your security system, added to audio / visual plans, and can also control Lutron shades and blinds.


We Put It All Together For You


We know that home lighting control can seem overwhelming at first, but let our years of experience set you at ease. We can get right down to the important facts and bare necessities then work from there. With Lutron, we can customize a lighting plan that is personalized directly to your home, family, and needs. We can offer advice on how to integrate shades and blinds, add remote thermostats for climate control, and take your audio / video control to the next level.


Previously, retro-fitting older homes with lighting control was difficult and cost prohibitive, today new technology from Lutron has made upgrading vintage homes simple and within reach of your budget. Today, up-fitting an existing home is easier than ever, often times we can install everything without damaging sheet rock and drywall or having to cut additional holes.

The perfect time to think about lighting design is at the beginning. Designing a plan at the onset of construction can also speed up the process, save money on materials and labor, and move a project forward with other contractors. We always welcom visitors to our showroom to see firsthand the amazing keypads and switches from Lutron. We have designed our showroom to mimic an actual home, so you will be able to touch, feel, and see everything in action.

We have the proven track record to deliver an amazing Lutron package, call us today to start your project!