Today’s lighting control systems have evolved with numerous features that were beyond reach just a few years ago. Whether you are looking to replace standard switching controls with advanced technologies, upgrade from an analog to a digital system, or realize greater energy savings, Play & Gourmet can help you understand the options you have for modernizing your lighting control system.

Time to upgrade or replace your lighting control system? Our experienced local Lutron experts can help you decide what is right for your home.

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When to Replace. An important aspect of working with us directly is to understand your needs, and make a recommendation that helps you reach your goals. A decision to replace or upgrade depends on your installed lighting controls, and your performance goals.

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System Upgrades

Does your installed lighting control system still meet day-to-day lighting control requirements? If so, it may be the ideal candidate for an upgrade. Existing lighting control systems can often be upgraded with new software, advanced energy management strategies, and additional control options to help you realize the greatest possible energy savings and superior system performance.

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Software Upgrades

Is your lighting control system software out-of-date?

If so, you may not be taking the full advantage of your system’s potential. Lutron releases significant software upgrades periodically to ensure high-quality compatibility and performance with changing operating systems and servers. New features included in many of these releases add innovative features to cut work load, increase control and support management efforts.See what’s possible with a software upgrade

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System Replacements

Do you have a rare or an unsupported lighting system? Is it becoming more difficult to replace lighting control system parts, upgrade software, or implement energy-saving strategies? If so, a system replacement may be the best way to ensure long-term, reliable performance, and to allow your building to take advantage of state-of-the-art energy saving technologies like daylight harvesting, automated shade control, HVAC and building management system integration.