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Superior Wifi

Finally, A Wifi Solution That’s Simple, Fast, And Secure

 No Buffering, No Dead Spots, No Frustration….Ever

Eliminate the hassle of setting up a home wifi network with our turn-key package. We have made wifi fun! Easily stream across multiple devices to multiple rooms, enjoy wifi on you deck and patio, and easily monitor content and traffic with robust parental controls.

We supply the equipment, we install it, we monitor it, you enjoy it!

Better Service. Faster Support. Quicker Solutions

How to get better wifi on Hilton Head

Non-Invasive Support

With our managed wifi service, you can now blanket your entire home with robust Wifi coverage and eliminate the hassle of fixing wifi issues on your own. Sometimes the smallest system issues can cause big problems, whether you’re watching late night TV or in the middle of a big party. Remote assistance means we can now investigate and fix common problems without needing to meet you at home.

A New Way To Experience Home Wifi

Hilton Head Wifi Solutions

We Make Your Wifi Reliable

Big Box store routers can not offer complete coverage of your home. Our system eliminates dead spots and has awesome up-time.

Protect Your Network

Make Your Wifi Network Secure From Viruses, Spam, And Hackers With Our Automated Protection

Not All Wifi Is Created Equal

 Our cloud managed Wifi works harder behind the scenes to create the ultimate user experience. An off-the-shelf router can work fine when only a few devices are connected, but what happens when everybody in your house wants to stream a movie or music? Can your network ensure everybody in every room has a reliable and fast connection?

Cloud Based Wifi For The Home


 Move easily throughout your home with seamless Wifi coverage that never skips, never drops, and always delivers. Work, stream, and enjoy all your connected devices anytime.

Understanding Managed Wife


Our Wifi solution will automatically monitor and direct network traffic to maximize coverage and keep up speeds. Being logic based, it can tell the difference between connected devices. It knows your Wifi Thermostat doesn’t’ need the same bandwidth as a Smart TV.

We’re Reinventing Home Wifi

Take your home wifi to the next level. We are changing the way Wifi is delivered to the homeowner. In the past, you trudged to the office supply store, bought a router you hoped would work, then spent hours setting up a sub-par network, only to be disappointed.

Now it’s easy, we supply intelligently designed equipment, professionally install it, and set up a managed wifi network that always works…….completely stress free and all inclusive.

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