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For creating the ultimate experience in any audio-visual entertainment system, we use Meridian Audio speakers. Meridian Audio remains the pinnacle of where cutting edge speaker technology is and will be going in the future. If you are ready to take your listening experience to a whole new level, Meridian Audio is for you.

Meridian provides the highest quality home audio systems with their unique designs. Unlike regular speakers which use only one amplifier to produce sound, each Meridian Audio speaker uses a separate built in amplifier and DSP (Digital Signal Processing)  unit.

Founded in 1977 by Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd, Meridian Audio is still the preeminent hi-fi audio brand that put them on the map. They are also responsible for some of the most innovative advancements in audio technology  in the last 50 years. Their credits include the first ever fully integrated active loudspeaker, the first digital surround sound processor, and the first DSP based digital active loudspeaker, among many other accolades.

Simply put, this is sound like you’ve never heard it before.

Meridian Audio speakers are designed to produce the most life-like listening experience available. Whether you want to enjoy a string quartet, or watch the latest drama, their loudspeakers will make it feel like the action is happening in the room with you.

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Every aspect of our flagship DSP8000.2 design is in the service of reproducing music. The unique construction of a separate head provides convincingly natural voice reproduction, while the discrete bass cabinet provides effortless deep bass. Its cabinet material, “Meridium,” was carefully chosen to have no influence on its reproduced sound.

Even its beautiful lacquer finish enhances its performance. The DSP8000.2, like a fine musical instrument, is designed for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Standing at just over one metre, The DSP7200.2 outperforms loudspeakers of up to eight times their physical volume, bringing the atmosphere and emotion of a live performance to your home. Meridian’s unique DSP technologies provide the DSP7200.2 with freedom of room placement without sonic penalty.

The DSP7200.2 also features Meridian’s unique Enhanced Bass Alignment (EBA) technology which provides natural sounding bass that simply must be heard.

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Providing astonishing musical power, the DSP5200.2 redefines the compact floor standing loudspeaker category. A truly full range loudspeaker, the DSP5200.2 often surprises listeners with its ability to provide deep impactful bass. Standard finishes are offered in piano lacquered white or black.

Included in the Meridian Select program, 270 bespoke colour finishes are available, making them at home in any décor.

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Perfect for movies or music, the DSP7200.2HC is the ideal partner for both DSP7200.2s and DSP8000s in a multi-channel system. A new Centre Elevation feature allows the DSP7200.2 to be placed below the screen while having its sound image move along with the video image on screen, providing the most immersive movie experience. It also offers Enhanced Bass Alignment that corrects any delays on low frequencies, providing a sweeter, more natural sound.

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The DSP3200 is instantly recognizable as a Meridian design. Beautifully mirroring the curves of our flagship DSP8000 Loudspeaker, this compact loudspeaker provides performances beyond its compact dimensions. Couple it with the Audio Core 200 and you have a great system for intimate listening spaces.

The precision-manufactured cabinet is finished in a high-gloss white and high-gloss black, and is perfectly suited to an extensive variety of room locations including bookshelf, on wall, as well as on floor stands. Like all Meridian Loudspeakers, the DSP3200 employs Meridian’s award-winning DSP technologies; each DSP3200 contains amplification, on-board digital signal processing, and two drivers.

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Meridian’s in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers use identical DSP Digital Active technology to our free-standing models, and share the same accurate, authentic sound, making it easy to build systems that combine in-wall and free-standing designs.

A winner of the 2015 CE Pro Best Award and finalist in CEDIA’s ‘Best New Product for 2015’, the DSP320 is the latest addition to Meridian’s installation loudspeaker range. It is the most compact of the three, at just 300mm square and only 100mm deep. In addition to in-wall applications, it can also be used in-ceiling where required.


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