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If you have a garage door, I am sure you don’t think twice about having an automatic garage door opener. You wouldn’t think of getting out of the car every time to open it. Same for your television, I am sure it’s been several years since you had to get up and change the channel. Well, in this day and age, why are you getting up to open, close, and adjust your window shades?

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Motorized Window Shades are an often overlooked component of home technology. Motorized Shades are a simple way to take your home and comfort to the next level. Few other amenities can offer so much for being so simple. Just think of the convenience you can have by adjusting your shades from anywhere in the room.

Think motorized shades are too high tech for you? Let’s look at some real world reasons they make sense. How many of your windows are inconvenient to reach because of furniture, location, or height? Imagine not having to step into your tub to close the blinds in your master bath. How about reaching above your head to adjust the second story blinds in your great room? Wouldn’t it be great not to fuss with a finicky cord or pull chain that never works?
Beyond the convenience factor, Motorized Shades are a smart choice for several more reasons:

  • Less Wear: The constant pulling and tugging on blinds can shorten the life span of the fabrics and even lead to the hardware becoming loose.
  • Quiet Operation: The motors are nearly silent and have a long lifespan. With the motors being very efficient, the batteries last 3-5 years.
  • Safety: There are no cords or chains for kids and pet to get tangled in.
  • Sun Damage: Preserve carpet and furnishings from harmful sun damage by having the shades auto adjust based on weather.
  • Security: Thieves and buglers watch homeowner habits to choose their next victims. By having your motorized shades on timers or a schedule, you can give the appearance of being home when out of town.
  • Save Time: If you have a large bank of windows or many widows, what once took a long time adjusting blinds can now be done in a matter of seconds.
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With so many benefits and such convenience, motorized shades are the clear choice. You will find after having motorized window treatments, you will wonder how you lived for so long without them. Motorized Shades look no different, have no bulky wires, or other signs they are motorized. They are available in a huge array of colors and choices and can be customized to meet your personal needs.

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When you need motorized shades for your home or business, or you are remodeling or upgrading, look no further than Play and Gourmet. We are your Motorized Shade specialist in the Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Savannah market. You can count on Play and Gourmet for all your Lutron Motorized Window treatment needs.

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