Bring Your Music To Life With High Performance Audio

Music has the power to refresh, de-stress, exhilarate, relax, energize – whatever your soul needs. PLAY will fill your life with music using a whole house audio system. Enjoy the music you love throughout your home. Select a music source from many options – CDs, iPod, digital music on your computer, Internet radio, satellite radio, or AM/FM tuner. Then personalize the sound in every room via a user-friendly keypad interface or a simply volume control to turn the on/off and set the sound level.

Lowcountry Hi Fi Dealer

Expand your options and satisfy different tastes. Music can be generated from a single source, such as the stereo in your Family Room; or multiple sources, say your stereo and you daughter’s iPod. Keypads in each room control which source you tap into for that room.┬áThe power is at your fingertips to operate all your electronic components from anywhere in the house.


Tired of trying to hide speaker wires and bulky equipment? We will replace clutter with hidden system wiring and unobtrusive in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and control devices. If you want the ultimate end to esthetic pollution, we invite you to experience the freedom of totally invisible speakers. With our line of invisible speaker products, you can have dynamic full range audio placed where it needs to be without regard to the architectural conflicts that occur with conventional speaker grills and boxes.



Forget about having to crank up the stereo to hear music out on the deck. Adding outdoor speakers lets you enjoy music outside too – great for a leisurely breakfast on the Patio or Saturday night barbecue with friends and neighbors. Take pleasure in state-of-the-art sound in your own backyard with nature inspired designs such as rocks, planters (that hold real dirt and plants), and even coconuts that can be hung in your palm trees.

How to have outdoor music