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Anytime is a great time to grill outside here in the Lowcountry and that is probably the driving reason outdoor kitchens are gaining in popularity. Over the last three years, we have seen the demand for higher quality stainless steel grills skyrocket. This is for a few reasons, but two of the most important is people want a better grilling experience when grilling and cooking outside. Secondly, no matter where you are in the Hilton Head / Bluffton area, the air is a little salty and can wreak havoc on many of the grills purchased from big box stores. It’s not uncommon to have to replace a “home center” grill after just two seasons because the burners have rusted away and the whole grill is a pitted mess. This is where the phrase, “You get what you pay for”, really comes into its own. That being said, you don’t have to break the bank when buying a new grill.

This week, we are going to look at five of our top choices to consider when buying a new grill, replacing your old grill, or designing a new outdoor kitchen. All of the grills below are able to be built into an outdoor kitchen or used as a stand alone grill on a cart. Each of the manufactures offers several sizes in their line up, but we are going to look at grills in the 30” – 36” range, the most common and practical size for most homeowners.

A common question we get whenever we talk about BBQ grills, outdoor kitchens, or appliances is, “What makes you the expert?”. Well, we have a combined total of over 100 years in the appliance industry and the real key to our insight is that we service the appliances we sell. This gives us a unique perspective on the quality, reliability, and longevity of an appliance. We can go back through our records and see first hand is this is a trend of issues with a certain manufacture, a consistent weak point, or a recurring service problem with a certain brand or line of appliances.

For an in depth article on the different gas grill price points, check out this Blog Post from The Spruce Eats, they have broken down how far your dollar goes at varies price points and lay out a nice road map for choosing your next grill.

Let’s take a look at our favorites! This list is based on our experience and what each of us would personally recommend to friends and family members. Who wants to constantly hear our advice was terrible? The outdoor grilling industry is full of crappy, poorly made stainless steel grills that look the part, but will give you nothing but grief. You can count on the the quality of the grills below.


We didn’t want to show favorites, but we couldn’t help ourselves. At the top of our list is the amazing and magical 36” DCS Grill. If a client says they want the best, this is our go to grill. Surprisingly, it’s more than reasonably priced at $2,999. You get amazing grease management, integrated smoker box, lifetime warranty of the carcass and 10 years on the burners, and a well thought out design. On top of the killer specs, each unit is hand finished and uses ultra high quality stainless steel for a super look.  Check out the DCS website now.

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Twin Eagles 36” Outdoor Gas Grill

When it comes for “bang-for-your-buck”, don’t overlook our second pick! The 304 stainless steel grill from Twin Eagles is a crowd pleaser. We love the interior lighting, back lit knobs, and all the high polish accents. This one isn’t all looks either, cooking on the massive 575 sq. in. surface is easy and painless thanks to the hexagonal grates and ceramic briquettes.  A feature that we have come to love on this grill is the assisted hood. It makes opening the lid a breeze even for the smallest of the group. See more pictures here.

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Delta Heat DHBQ32R-C 32″ Outdoor Gas Grill

Delta Heat has made a big return to the stainless steel grill game! After moving their production back to the United States, there has been a vast improvement in quality and design on the entire line of grills. Boasting one of the best rotisserie systems out there, Delta Heat goes a step above its competitors offering a 32” model with three powerful burners. Normally at this size range, you only get two. Keeping the level of quality top notch, Delta Heat is only sold by authorized retailers, which also help if you ever need service down the road. Visit Delta Heat.

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Coyote Grills 36″ S-Series Grill C2SL36

As one of the first retailers to offer Coyote Grills in the area, we can confidently say we are big fans. This is one grill where you dollar goes pretty far. We sell a lot of grills and the Coyote always gets comments for its very finished look. Seamless welds, rolled edges, and high polish all add up to a grill that will look fantastic on any patio! Their patent H burner system is a pleasure to cook on and Coyote offers one of the few Gas & Charcoal Combination Grills on the market if you are looking for the best of both worlds. Some past reviewers complained about uneven heat, but this is something not one person here at Play & Gourmet has experienced. See the full line of Coyote Grills & Smokers.

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Alfresco 36″ ALXE Grill ALXE-36SZ

The last grill on our list but one that is not anywhere near the bottom is the 36” Alfresco.  If you are looking for a robust, clean, and simple to use grill for your outdoor kitchen, then this might be the one to steal your heart. No fancy light up knobs here, but instead a powerful 82,000 BTU monster that will sear, broil, cook, and warm whatever you can throw at it. One overlooked feature that we all rave about is the 110v igniter system. This option is perfect if your tired of dealing with old rusty batteries at the beginning of every season. If you have used a rotisserie in the past, you will love Alfresco’s hidden motor on this model. We can’t understand why more manufactures don’t offer this option. See more pictures on Alfresco’s Website.

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There is a lot of competition in the $2,000 to $4,000 outdoor kitchen grill arena. At the lower end, many brands still offer inexpensive gaudy units from China, as you break the $2,500 mark, you are starting to get good quality stainless steel, longer warranties, and thoughtful features.  We all agree on one thing, save your money and heartache and skip the big box store grills in the $1,200 – $1,600 range. At this price you are getting all show and no go! You would be better off buying a “disposable” grill for $250 until your budget allowed a full fledged grilling machine.

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