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When you want your home just right, Savant will make it easy for you. With a simple set up, seamless integration, and the ability to control numerous devices, Savant will be the only remote you will need to control your home.  Savant has been purposely designed to be a simple and elegant device to enhance your home automation experience.

For years Savant Automation has been the brand of choice for the most discerning homeowners, now their technology is available to everyone.


 The Savant Remote works the devices your already own and integrates with the technology that is important to you.

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Fast Access

The Savant Remote gives you easy access to your favorite shows & channels

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Seamless Design

The Savant Remote gives you easy access to your favorite shows & channels

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Create An Atmosphere

Control your lighting, climate, entertainment, and more

Control Sonos
Personalize The Remote For Each Family Member
Sonos Control App
Control Your SONOS System, Access Your Satellite Radio, Or Que Up Pandora.
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Dim The Lights, Lower The Shades, Adjust The Temperature All From The Savant Remote

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What Is Savant?

The Savant Remote is the simplest universal remote you will ever use and program. In fact, calling it a “universal remote” is an understatement and an outdated phrase. Perhaps calling it the greatest remote in the universe is along the appropriate lines!

Long known for their full blown home automation packages, Savant has created a remote that doesn’t require a 35 page instruction book to program or a cheat sheet for hundreds of manufacture codes to enter. The sleek remote is a joy to hold and has a high definition display that is a pleasure to look at.

Easy Voice Control

Savant has one of the most intuitive and easy to use Voice Control feature of any comparable product on the market today. You can control your lighting, television, or music with a few words.  Just say, “Sports Center” or “The Good Wife”, and Savant will change the channel, find your favorite shows, or tell you the breaking news. Savant also has flawless integration with Apple TV and more!

By adding lamp modules, you can easily adjust your lights and shades to watch a movies by just speaking to your Savant Remote. At the end of a long day, you can shut down your home using just your voice. The convenience of Home Automation has been reimagined with Savant and will make you fall in love with your home all over.

Savant Remote Voice Control

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Savant Works The Devices You Already Own

With the ability to control over 380,000 devices, Savant has a place in any home. From Blu-Ray players, A/V receivers, and Sonos to game consoles and the lights, you can manage your entire home room by room.

The Savant Remote Kit

The Savant Remote Kit includes the remote, a charging base with infrared blaster, the Savant Host, 2 power adapters, and batteries. Everything you need to get started is in the kit and you will be up and running within minutes of powering the device on.

Have you seen enough? Get A Savant Remote Now!

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The Only Remote You Will Ever Need

The Savant Remote blends all the positives of a universal remote, with out any of the frustrations, with your home network making it the only remote you need for you home. Use it to easily control multiple devices and switch easily between Apple TV, Sonos, Roku, a game console, or just about anything. You can even use voice commands to change the channels!

Let us guide you to the right Savant solution for you!

How To Program A Savant Remote

Setting up your new Savant Remote could not be easier. Within minutes of opening the box, you can be controlling the devices in you home. No other universal remote comes close to being this simple. Spend anytime online and the consensus is clear, the Savant Remote is a game changer for the industry.

As we mentioned, the stand out feature of the Savant Remote is the voice control functions. Just tap the button on the remote and change channels, dim the lights, or adjust the temperature in you home.  The absolute beauty of the remote is in the simple design. It’s not over burdened with to many buttons and is very intuitive in the operation or normal functions.

Is the Savant Remote Right For You?

Deciding on a control system for your home audio / video and networking needs can be difficult. The internet is filled with contradicting reviews, misleading blogs, and down right misinformation when it come to home automation and integration. For over 11 years we have been guiding families and business through the design process of  home automation and structured wiring. If you need real advice and information to make a decision, look to our technical staff at Play & Gourmet to offer you our knowledge.

The first question to ask; Is Savant the right choice for me? This is where our discussion of your needs and dreams must begin. What devices do you already have? What type of lighting system do you have? Where do you watch most of your tv and movies? Do you already have other wireless remotes and devices?

Our trained sales staff is always available to answer questions, assist in designs, and guide you throughout the home integration process.  Let our experience save you time, aggravation, and money by getting you the right equipment and technical support.

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