The 22 Best Smart Devices For Your Home In 2016

The 22 Best Smart Devices For Your Home In 2016



There is no lack of “smart” devices you can add to your home, but which of these technologies is really new and useful? Play and Gourmet looks ahead for 2016 and highlights some of our favorite gadgets we are looking forward to, have used and installed, or are just awesome. These are devices that will save you time, save you money, and make your home a more enjoyable place to be.


Hilton Head Smart Locks

Yale Smart Lock

No more carrying keys.

When you’re out running or walking your dog, simply use your smart phone or type in your PIN code for easy and secure access to your home.

Learn more about Yale here:



Roost Smart Battery Review

Roost Smart Battery

A brilliant idea.

Knowing how annoying it is to be awakened at 3 a.m. by a chirping smoke alarm with a dying battery, Roost, a smoke-alarm battery with an embedded Wi-Fi chip sends an alert to your smartphone before it’s drained to that level.

Check out the Roost Website:



Sony TV Reviews

Sony 55X850C 4K LCD

Experience the difference.


This 54.6-inch smart TV from Sony has one of the best pictures on the market. The color is exceptionally saturated for an LED LCD TV, and screen uniformity is excellent. It’s loaded with a great feature set, awesome touchpad remote, and easy to use Android TV interface.

More info on Sony’s website:



Sonos PlayBar Review

Sonos Playbar

Great sound made simple.

Extremely simple to set up, works seamlessly with other Sonos products, and is an instant upgrade. This sound bar will make you think there are more speakers in the room then you actually have. Sonos also has delivered on truly painless setup for both the sound bar and its digital music software, which is no small feat.

Learn about the Sonos system here:



Perlick Beer Tap Review

Perlick Adara Beer Dispenser

Raise the bar for your next party.

Now list of amazing home technology would be complete without mentioning the new Perlick Adara Beer Dispenser. This Perlick adds an element of luxury to having draught beer at home. What makes the Adara so special is the double tap model. Now you can have two selections of your favorite beer on tap. Featuring matching double chrome handles, flow control faucets, industry leading refrigeration, and the ability to have a stainless steel door or matching kitchen cabinetry.

See all the Perlick options:



Wifi Light Bulb Review

Phillips Color Changing LED Bulbs

Set the mood for your next evening at home.

The market is flush with Wifi controlled LED bulbs. Phillips has separated themselves from the pack with this new release. You get all the normal features now with the ability to change the hue of the light from red all the way to blue, and everything in between.

Phillips LED info:



Touchless Toliet Reviews

Koholer Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

You will want this in every bathroom.

The KOHLER Touchless Toilet Flush Kit does exactly what it sounds like: it flushes your toilet without you touching a handle. It’s essentially a small battery-powered motor with a proximity sensor. It installs easily and adds a sense of magic to the mundane. You will feel like a Jedi Master when you wave your hand and it magically flushes…. may the force be with you.

More info on Koholer:



Birthday Gifts For Tech Lovers

Netatmo Home Weather Station

A fun device for both inside and outside.

This fun little device gives you real-time weather right at your door step with the information that matters; Temp, Humidity, Air Quality, Barometric Pressure, and of course Weather. An added bonus, it will also measure indoor air quality and sound levels in decibels.

Netatmo’s website:



Kamado Grill review

Caliber Pro Kamado Grill

Be the envy of the neighborhood.

The Caliber Pro Kamado offers a one-of-a-kind double layer of 304 grade stainless steel, enclosing a layer of ceramic insulation for excellent heat retention and even heat distribution. The use of stainless steel not only offers an attractive look and supreme durability, but it also weighs significantly less than dense ceramic, making the Caliber Pro the lightest Kamado on the market. The unique flue design re-circulates heat inside of the grill, resulting in more efficient cooking, meaning you can use less charcoal compared to typical ceramic grills. This makes the green egg a total dud.

Learn more about outdoor grills:


TiVo Bolt Review


TiVo Bolt

The best DVR gets better

Whether you’re a cord cutter using an over-the-air antenna, or a subscriber looking for better hardware than what the cable company offers, this is one terrific DVR.  A huge hard drive, plenty of ports, a unique design, and the ability to play 4K content sets this DVR above the pack.

Tivo’s website:



Electrolux Appliance Repair

Electrolux Perfect Turkey Button

It’s true, it works!

This feature is available in a few of Electrolux amazing ranges and as a personal tester I can stand behind the claims. There are dozens of ways to cook a turkey, and just as many opinions about which method is best. Simple is the word that comes to mind with this feature. Insert the probe into the bird and walk away…. It is that simple.

Get your perfect turkey here:



Miele Appliance Repair

Miele Built In Coffee Machine

On demand French press coffee anytime.

From single-serve coffee machines up to commercial, larger output models, the choices can seem limitless when it comes to deciding which coffee system is best for your kitchen layout.

If you enjoy the delightful smell and the thick crème of your beloved coffee prepared with freshly ground beans, the Miele variety of exceptional coffee appliances is for you. Save counter space and trips to the kitchen sink with this restaurant quality brewer.

See all the Miele here:



Lutron Installer Hilton Head

Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting

Convenience like never before.

The smart home market is an exploding category, filled with do-it-yourself WiFi-based products that allow you to remotely monitor and control your home’s lights, thermostat, security, locks, and more. Starter kits. Lutron is certainly a familiar name in custom home automation circles, arguably the most recognizable name in lighting systems. The Caseta product line is aimed more at the DIY market, for people who want to add some modest lighting control to an existing home and control it wirelessly via remote or mobile device.

Get Lutron Installed:



Roku 4K Review

Roku 4 Ultra HD Streaming Media Player

The best just got even better.

Roku recently released the much-anticipated follow-up to its popular Roku 3 streaming media player. The biggest addition to the new Roku 4 is its support for 4K sources, with internal HEVC and VP9 decoders to stream 4K content from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Video, M-GO, VUDU, and YouTube.

Learn more about Roku:



Buy Meridian Speakers

Meridian DSP5200.2 Loudspeakers

When music really matters.

These speakers from Meridian are the pinnacle of every audiophile’s dream. Produced from the same group that invented digital sound processing and digital surround sound. Meridian builds these to reproduce music as close to a live performance as possible, and listening to a pair is proof positive.

Visit a Meridian dealer:



Wireless Landscape Lights

H20 Smart Pot

It is easy to be green.

If you’re just as guilty of killing too many houseplants as I am, this H2O pot accessory is your savior. Attach a water bottle to the Bluetooth-enabled device, and it’ll use its database of over 7,000 plants to release the ideal amount of water into your pot.

Company website:



Flush Mount Light Switches

Trufig Flush Mount Plates

A subtle difference really sets these apart.

Power outlets, data jacks, and light switches are the eyesores of interior design. The most common solution is the path of least resistance: We try to ignore them and their cumbersome cover plates. What if instead we could make our power sources and controls almost invisible? A new generation of products is making this possible.

See more TruFig options:


Buy Appliances Bluffton

Death Star Waffle Maker

Add some fun to breakfast.

This officially licensed product crafts the perfect waffle, shaped just like the Death Star, ensuring breakfast will never be the same again. The waffle iron itself is constructed from stainless steel paired with a coated non-stick plate, and dual indicator lights that work in conjunction with the regulating thermostat to guarantee perfect waffles, every time.

More info on the Death Star Waffle Makes here:



KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel Review

Kitchen Aid Black Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Finally, stainless steel with no finger prints.

Seeing is believing, this is one beautiful fridge. Groundbreaking design starts with this being the first manufacture to offer a five door option. LED lighting inside, multiple temperature controlled storage options, and of course the main draw, the black finish.

More info on Kitchen Aid here:



Scribble Pen Review

Scribble Pen

Ingenious and useful for both fun and work.

Have you ever seen a color on an object that you wanted to replicate, but you couldn’t find a way to get the exact color on paper? Light periwinkle is a tough color to replicate — we know. Now, there’s a device called the Scribble Pen that can do that for you. The pen is able to reproduce any color from any object. It contains sophisticated color sensors that allow you to simply scan an object to capture the color. What’s more, the pen will use an internal ink mixer to mix the exact color ink for you to write or draw with.

More info on the Scribble Pen here:



Aromax Review

Aromatherapy Diffuser Aromax

One whiff and you will smell what the fuss is about.

The stylish Aromax cone is made from recycled aluminum and houses a whisper silent motor that can be adjusted for output. You can choose from a wide assortment of scents and oils to aid in odor elimination, stress relief, and fight germs. It looks amazing and works even better. Trust us, after your first one, you will want another.

More info available here:



Kaleidescape Review

Kaleidescape Movie System

Your favorite movies will never be the same.

Get ready to rediscover your love of movies! The Kaleidescape System is a whole new way to enjoy watching movies at home!  Kaleidescape gives you the ability to take your movie viewing from ordinary to extraordinary by allowing you a true cinematic experience at home.

Kaleidescape offers a series of movie players, media servers, disc vaults, and their own digital movie store with actual bit for bit 4K titles from major studios. Kaleidescape will become the heart and soul of your home theater and will work seamlessly with your high end speakers, video displays, and even your lighting.


See the full line of options here:


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