Best Smart Devices For Your Home

The 22 Best Smart Devices For Your Home In 2016

There is no lack of “smart” devices you can add to your home, but which of these technologies is really new and useful? Play and Gourmet looks ahead for 2016 and highlights some of our favorite gadgets we are looking forward to, have used and installed, or are just awesome. These are devices that will save you time, save you money, and make your home a more enjoyable place to be.

Hilton Head Smart Locks

Yale Smart Lock

No more carrying keys.

When you’re out running or walking your dog, simply use your smart phone or type in your PIN code for easy and secure access to your home.

Learn more about Yale here:

Roost Smart Battery Review

Roost Smart Battery

A brilliant idea.

Knowing how annoying it is to be awakened at 3 a.m. by a chirping smoke alarm with a dying battery, Roost, a smoke-alarm battery with an embedded Wi-Fi chip sends an alert to your smartphone before it’s drained to that level.

Check out the Roost Website:

Sony TV Reviews

Sony 55X850C 4K LCD

Experience the difference.

This 54.6-inch smart TV from Sony has one of the best pictures on the market. The color is exceptionally saturated for an LED LCD TV, and screen uniformity is excellent. It’s loaded with a great feature set, awesome touchpad remote, and easy to use Android TV interface.

More info on Sony’s website:

Sonos PlayBar Review

Sonos Playbar

Great sound made simple.

Extremely simple to set up, works seamlessly with other Sonos products, and is an instant upgrade. This sound bar will make you think there are more speakers in the room then you actually have. Sonos also has delivered on truly painless setup for both the sound bar and its digital music software, which is no small feat.

Learn about the Sonos system here:

Perlick Beer Tap Review

Perlick Adara Beer Dispenser

Raise the bar for your next party.

Now list of amazing home technology would be complete without mentioning the new Perlick Adara Beer Dispenser. This Perlick adds an element of luxury to having draught beer at home. What makes the Adara so special is the double tap model. Now you can have two selections of your favorite beer on tap. Featuring matching double chrome handles, flow control faucets, industry leading refrigeration, and the ability to have a stainless steel door or matching kitchen cabinetry.

See all the Perlick options:

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