The Five Best Dual Fuel Ranges You Should Buy Now

Duel Fuel Range Reviews

The Five Best Dual Fuel Ranges You Should Buy Now



The amount of research people do before making a large purchase is astounding! That’s where I come in, let me navigate the murky waters of appliance sales, home technology, and integration.  I will save you time by sharing my wealth of knowledge of all thing tech. Today, I want to highlight the best value in 30” Dual-Fuel Ranges.  


The dual-fuel range is still the marquee appliance in any kitchen and yes it still makes a statement in your kitchen. Dual-fuel ranges are the best for serious cooks who prefer the accuracy, responsiveness and visual cue of a gas cooktop along with the even and consistent temps of an electric oven.


Taking in to account my experience in appliance sales and knowing these manufactures extensively, I can  recommend the following ranges:



KitchenAid 4 Burner Model KDRS407VSS

      Commercial styling, easy controls, and their patented Ultra-Power burner, you cannot go wrong with this American manufacturer.  Built for quality and longevity, their ranges come with various options including Convection and Self-Cleaning.  With a sleek stainless steel and glass finish, this range would be a great addition to the professional home kitchen.



Electrolux Four Burner Model E130DS55JS  

      These ranges were built for luxury.  From their dual-flame burner, IQ Touch control panel, and their signature cobalt blue interior, this is a very sharp piece.  Let us not forget the most important feature, the Perfect Turkey® Button. It will take the guessing game out of cooking, you can cook the perfect turkey every time.  However, my favorite feature is the Fast Preheat, it will warm the oven 25% faster than any other manufacture. This is the unit I recommend to family and friends, knowing I will not be embarrassed at Christmas dinner.



Dual Fuel Range Reviews

Frigidaire Four Burner FGDS3065PF

      Another American manufacturer and top contender in the line of dual fuel ranges, the Frigidaire professional line offers a dual-flame burner, warming drawer, and True Convection.  Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel, One-Touch oven options, and the SpaceWise® Half Rack provide an elegant design, ease of use, and flexibility when cooking.  



DCS Oven Reviews

DCS (Dynamic Cooking Systems) by Fisher & Pykel Model RDU-305

With the number one rated burners in the marketplace today, DCS gives you the flexibility to determine where YOU want to cook.  That is because every burner simmers and every burner boils.  The oven offers 3 fully extendible glide-out racks and an infrared broiler that can perform as well as any grill.  This unit is priced slightly higher than the rest, but is well worth the additional funds. I promise, this range will not disappoint.


Bosch Oven Reviews

Bosch Five Burner Benchmark Model HDIPO54U

      With the new design, Bosch’s Dual Fuel range can now fit into any Freestanding range cutout.  You can now get that built-in feel where it was once not possible.  With a powerful center burner, genuine European Convection, and warming drawer makes cooking a breeze.  Their Benchmark™ Series also provides a more luxurious feel with dampened hinges that quietly close the oven door for you.


Shopping for a duel-fuel range is a complicated process and the market is constantly adding new units for consumers. I have experience with each of the above units and put my “Gadget Girl” stamp of approval on each of them.

For more information or questions on any of these ranges or other you might be interest in, feel free to contact me. Make sure to follow me on Facebook for reviews, updates, and all thing home technology –