TV Installation

Everyday the industry is coming out with new and intriguing Smart Tvs. We can help you pick out the right TV to go with you system and needs as well as install the TV to your specifications. Ever wish you could browse all of your movies, no matter where they were stored, with the touch of a button? Now you can add this functionality to your home entertainment system and simplify your video viewing experience.

Perhaps you do not have a personal video library. What if we could deliver instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows straight to your television? What if it were in high definition and constantly updated with new releases? It can all be done without requiring a cable television service or satellite subscription. All that’s needed is a TV and broadband Internet connection. We’ll show you how to discover hassle-free with no monthly fees, just pay for what you watch.

Moving Artwork

We also offer ways to hide your TV: Moving artwork. With the touch of a button, your flat screen television is transformed into a breathtaking work of art. Inside an elegant hardwood frame, an ultra-quiet motor raises the artwork to fully reveal the viewing screen. When turned off, your television disappears as the artwork is lowered back into the picture frame. We offer a wide selection of high quality fine art reproductions printed on genuine artist’s canvas from some of today’s most talented contemporary artists. Each type of art frame requires no special cabinetwork and can be flush mounted or surface mounted to the wall around the object or area to be concealed.

Art Lifts

If you have original art or photography, an art lift may be a better solution for you. Your television (or safe) is disguised behind a painting, mirror, or art panel. The movement may be left, right, up, or down depending on wall space.