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New 24/7 Tech Support Offered By PLAY Custom Home Technology

Tech Support When You Need It!

PLAY Custom Home Technology is excited to announce a new feature to our Client Care Program. Starting on October 26th, we now offer our clients 24 Hour / 7 Day A Week technical support on all of the technology components purchased from Play.

Local Wifi Issues
Is Your Wifi Down Again?

Our philosophy is simply, technical support should be available when you need it most In many cases a technology glitch appears when you get home from work which is after normal business hours. If your WiFi goes down at 8:00 PM, do you want to wait until the next day for support? Does AppleTV freeze during the day when no one is home, or in the evening while trying to stream Netflix? Now, no matter the problem or time of day, our help desk is there to support and get you back on track quickly!

You will enjoy all of your home technology even more knowing that help is just a phone call away! If your call is not answered immediately, we commit to respond within 30 minutes.

Quick Wifi Fix
Is Your Apple TV Not Working Right?

Please contact us to learn more and get your dedicated, toll-free support hotline. Technology is great, but it doesn’t always “just work” without incident. Let us show you how partnering with PLAY results in technology enriching and enhancing your life, just as you expected!

You can read all the details on our website here: Client Care Plan

Call Us Today For More Details 843-815-4292

Tecj Support For Roku and Apple TV

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