Understanding Induction Cooking

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Understanding Induction Cooking



A quick Google search about Induction Cooking brings up all sorts of confusing articles, reviews, and opinions. Adding to the confusion are all the “portable” and counter top Induction Hot Plates. Once again, it’s The Gadget Gal to the rescue. I am going to break Induction Cooking down for you into simple terms and ideas, and weather its the right fit for you. Lets start with the basics:

The Pros

With the ever-increasing popularity of induction cooking, one has to wonder what is so intriguing and why would you venture away from the conventional cooking option of gas or electric? One of the main reasons induction cooking is so enticing is the temperature efficiency. With an induction cooktop you get more precise, more responsive temperatures allowing you to really have control over your cooking, even more than gas. Induction cooking provides faster, more consistent heating than any other cooking surface in the marketplace.

Energy efficiency and safety concerns also play a role when it comes to induction. Due to the design, there is no loss of heat from the transference of the cooktop to the pot. Another way to say this is simple, the heat comes directly from the pot itself. The air around the cookware is not directly affected by the heating resulting in further energy efficiencies and safety. The cooking surface only gets slightly warm.

Ventilation requirements are also affected with induction cooking. As with a traditional gas cooktop, the lost heat radiates into the kitchen and increases the temperature. The loss is much lower in induction cooking, which in turn, will not require high ventilation needs. Cooking indoors on those hot summer nights is no longer an issue.

The Cons

There are many benefits to induction cooking, but there are also some things you need to look out for as well. The first thing to be aware of is that your cookware needs to be compatible. Induction heating works by using a copper coil below the surface to enact a magnetic field, causing the actual pot to heat. Therefore, the cookware needs to magnetic. Any cookware with a ferrous (iron) bottom is recommended. A simple test can be performed by placing a magnet to the bottom of your current cookware. If it sticks, it’s compatible. If not, you are going to want to invest in cookware that does.

Another area that may be of concern is noise. It is possible that a hum or buzz may be heard coming from the cookware when exposed to high magnetic fields. This is especially true if the cookware has loose parts and is running on high. A whistle or whining has also been detected by some user. If this is a deal-breaker for you, visit your local appliance store and ask for a demo.

Since an induction cooktop resonates a magnetic field, those with implanted pacemakers or other electric medical devices should consult their physician before deciding to move forward with induction to ensure it is safe. You also want to be aware that radio receivers near the induction cooking area may possibly pick up some interference from the electromagnetic field as well.

And finally, if you are looking to replace an electric or gas cooktop with induction, be sure to get an electrician involved. The amperage requirements needed to power the induction cooktop differ from gas or electric. The electrician will be able to advise you on what is needed to get this accomplished.

When it’s all said and done-

Induction cooktops are at the higher end of the scale in pricing when compared to traditional gas and electric. When making the decision to take on that kind of investment, you want to be sure you are well educated and it never hurts to do additional research. All in all, if feel the benefits of induction cooking greatly outweigh some initial additional costs and possible interference. An induction cooktop would provide elegance and efficiency to any professional kitchen.


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