Use Your Amazon Echo To Control Sonos And Spotify

Over the last two days there has been some exciting news if you are an avid Amazon Echo fan. You can now use your Echo to control your Sonos system and play tunes on Spotify! Look for a detailed analysis and guide from use in the future, but right now we wanted to break the good news to you. We are anxious to try it out for ourselves and will let you know what we think.  Here is what we know from the Sonos and Spotify side of things:

“Sonos has announced that the company will be opening up to Spotify Connect beginning in October, allowing you to control your music from within the Spotify app. This is a huge change from the way that Sonos has operated to date by pushing all music management through its own controller app. Using the Spotify app on both mobile and desktop, you’ll soon be able to select the songs you want to play, the speakers you want to play them through, without having to bounce between various apps.”  (Taken from Android Central)

Sonos and Echo by Play and Gourmet
Play and Gourmet Announces Sonos and Echo partnership.

And here is the release of info about Sonos and Alexa, again from the Android Central article:

“In addition to opening Spotify Connect, Sonos has announced that its speakers will work with Amazon’s Alexa in 2017, allowing you to complete various tasks using just your voice. Alexa will be able to play the songs you want to hear on specific Sonos speakers in your setup, and if you hear something you aren’t familiar with you can ask Alexa what the song is. The integration is set to arrive in private beta later this year, and hit all users sometime in the new year. You will need to have an Amazon Echo, Tap or Dot in order to gain the Alexa functionality.”

We were thrilled when you could start using Alexa to control your shades and word has also been released that Lutron Pico remotes can also be used with Sonos. Make sure to read our recent post where we took a look how the Lutron and Amazon Echo compatibility was working here: Using Alexa to control your motorized Lutron blinds. Part of our job is staying at the forefront of the continuing “connected home” breakthroughs. Some of the more recent developments seem utterly ridiculous, but there are a few shining starts coming down the road and the Sonos and Alexa is definitively one of them. Here are a few of the recent articles that came out this week about the Echo and Sonos usability.

-Venture Beat had a nice little write up, read it here: Venture Beat

-Forbes had a nice write up about the Voice Search functionality, read it here: Forbes Sonos

-Wired Magazine went into a little more detail about the steps, read it here: Wired Magazine

Instructions for Sonos and Echo

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