Whole House Air Purifiers

Protect Your Family From Declining Air Quality

Now, you can at least control and clean the air you breath in one spot…your home! Rising pollution, heighten allergens and poor air quality can now be alleviated with whole house air purifiers.

What makes Pure365 systems unique from what is commonly available on the market is how Pure365 filters over 99% of all potentially harmful ultrafine particles, microorganisms and volatile organic compounds.

How Does Pure365 Purify Your Indoor Air?

By combining recent advancements in air quality monitoring, smart home automation and advanced filtration, you can now know the exact quality of the air withing your home and have the ability to improve it by eliminating most pollutants and allergens.

Combining The Latest Hardware & Software To Protect The Air You Breath

We are excited to offer one of the only fully integrated whole home air purifiers available today. Pure365 has released their next generation of air purifiers that can monitor and clean the air and water quality in your home, office, or vacation property.

Monitor The Air

The air quality monitors house advanced sensors to measure the level of particulate matter, carbon dioxide and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), radon and more in the air. The Pure365 app allows one to view on their phone real time data as well as past pollution events.

Control The Air

The Smart Thermostat receives a bad air quality signal from the air quality monitor and activates the fan on your HVAC system to boost airflow and direct stale and polluted air through your return ducts and whole house filter system so that clean purified air comes out of the supply vents.

Purify The Air

Intellipure’s point of entry, whole-house air cleaner using DFS technology to circulate fresh, contaminate-free air throughout the entire home. The Ultrafine Whole House air cleaner is installed outside of the furnace’s blower, resulting in lower pressure drop, and higher energy savings.

Let Us Help You Breath Clean Air Indoors

We have been involved in Smart Home Automation for over 20 years, even before it was called “smart home”! During that time, we have seen many so called “ion air cleaners” and other air filter systems that seemed to us they were just hype. However, in our eyes, the Pure365 is the first legimate whole house air purifier that actually works.

What changed our mind? The difference in Pure365 is that the filter worked with you HVAC system and includes a air quality monitor. This is a new development in whole house air cleaners. Typically, the filters were just stuck in a room or on a return vent and were not part of the overall eco system of the house. Pure365 is different. It works with you current HVAC system, as well as a smart thermostat and a air monitor.

Now, these air cleaners can actually use real-time information to actively control and clean the air of pollutants inside your home of office. Even better, their is an app that can be installed on a smart device so you can see the current condition of the indoor air quality.

See How Whole Home Air Cleaners Are Changing

Meritage Homes, a new home builder in Arizona recently started including whole house air cleaning technology from Pure365 in their new construction. There are many benefits of merging traditional filters with these recent advancements and integration into our smart devices:

• Allows you to compare your indoor air quality to the air outside
• Identifies issues that are negatively impacting one’s health and need to be addressed
• Tells you when outdoor air is safe, so you can open windows to ventilate
• Tracks air quality levels around the world so you can better plan for travel and outdoor activity
• Educates you about pollutants and the harm they can cause to help you cultivate a healthy lifestyle

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