Why Hire an HTA Certified Home Technology Professional

In an industry that has almost zero barriers to entry, the HTA has created a rigorous set of standards for home technology companies to attain and adhere to. The home technology installation firms that meet the 60+ points of evaluation criteria are granted HTA certification status. Like the GIA rating system for diamonds or a 5-Star safety rating for vehicles, HTA Certification is an independent evaluation and vetting system for the home technology installation professional.

Homeowners, architects, builders, and interior designers are quickly learning the many advantages of hiring an HTA Certified technology integrator.

HTA Certified firms typically install the following home technology systems: audio/video, networks & Wi-Fi, smart home / home automation control, home theater, media rooms, music systems, smart lighting, motorized shading, technology prewire, technology design, low-voltage design & engineering documentation, access controls, wellness / healthy home, home monitoring, energy management, and more.

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